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Napkin Ring - Cristal Beads - Gold
Price: (ZAR) 5,00
Napkin Ring - Cristal Beads - Silver
Price: (ZAR) 5,00
Napkin Ring - Glass Diamond Ring
Price: (ZAR) 15,00
Napkin Ring - Gold Scollops
Price: (ZAR) 7,00
Napkin Ring - King Crown Gold
Price: (ZAR) 15,00
Napkin Ring - Pearl Ring
Price: (ZAR) 15,00
Napkin Ring - Silver Ring with Pearls
Price: (ZAR) 10,00
Napkin Ring - Silver Stars
Price: (ZAR) 7,00
Napkin Ring - Spiral - Gold
Price: (ZAR) 7,00
Napkin Ring - Wedding Diamond Ring
Price: (ZAR) 25,00
Napkin Ring - White Bow
Price: (ZAR) 5,00
Napkin Ring - Wood
Price: (ZAR) 5,00

All prices are valid and correct at time of publication. All orders are to be processed by email. Settlement and delivery terms are to be finalised. We accept no responsibility for any loss or damage which may arise from reliance on information contained in these pages.
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