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Balloon Tools


3L Bellows Footpump
Price: (ZAR) 160,00
Balloon Net 36Inch
Price: (ZAR) 65,00
Balloon Spray 450Ml
Price: (ZAR) 90,00
Balloon Sticky Dots
Price: (ZAR) 15,00
Balloon Aplicator
Price: (ZAR) 225,00
Balloon Brightener 450Ml
Price: (ZAR) 110,00
Balloon Chain - 5M
Price: (ZAR) 25,00
Balloon Chain - Double - 5M
Price: (ZAR) 40,00
Balloon Cutter
Price: (ZAR) 40,00
Balloon D?Cor Tape 5M
Price: (ZAR) 20,00
Balloon Decorating Strip - 5M
Price: (ZAR) 30,00
Balloon Electric Inflator
Price: (ZAR) 1530,00
Balloon Float 500Ml
Price: (ZAR) 260,00
Balloon Gel 5L
Price: (ZAR) 995,00
Balloon Glue
Price: (ZAR) 25,00
Balloon Glue 100Dots/Roll
Price: (ZAR) 20,00
Balloon Hand Pump
Price: (ZAR) 60,00
Balloon Oomf Pump Kit
Price: (ZAR) 215,00
Balloon Stuffing Tool
Price: (ZAR) 650,00
Balloon Tie Tool
Price: (ZAR) 45,00
Balloon Tool
Price: (ZAR) 3,00
Electric Mini Balloon Pump
Price: (ZAR) 500,00
Gridz Cross Inserts 30Pcs
Price: (ZAR) 1000,00
Gridz Pole Replacement Clips 10Pcs
Price: (ZAR) 125,00
Gridz Triangles 6 Per Set
Price: (ZAR) 450,00
Helium Gauge
Price: (ZAR) 1745,00
Plastic Balloon Pump 30Cm
Price: (ZAR) 30,00
Plastic Balloon Pump 32Cm
Price: (ZAR) 30,00
Reli-A-Drop Holds 100 Balloons 1Pcs
Price: (ZAR) 650,00
Reli-A-Drop Holds 500 Balloons 1Pcs
Price: (ZAR) 1000,00
Stay Afloat Balloon Gel 3L
Price: (ZAR) 920,00
Stay Afloat Balloon Shine 220Ml
Price: (ZAR) 350,00
Stay Afloat Balloon Transport Bags 200Pcs
Price: (ZAR) 2500,00
Stay Afloat Dispencer 1Pcs
Price: (ZAR) 45,00

All prices are valid and correct at time of publication. All orders are to be processed by email. Settlement and delivery terms are to be finalised. We accept no responsibility for any loss or damage which may arise from reliance on information contained in these pages.
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